Accounting procedure of CTS (Cheque Truncation System) in Post Offices

After implementation of CTS w.e.f 01-04-2012, all cheques are scanned through scanner and only the cheque image is sent to the RBI, Chennai. The encoding and segregation of cheque to bank wise are done at VSOFT Hyderabad and then the cheques will be sent for CTS/NON CTS Clearing to RBI through VSOFT & NPCI.

RBI will provide two reports viz.

1. Presentation of Cheques (Cheques deposited by customers for various deposits) Vs. Cheques given     by our customers who hold SB A/Cs at Post Office to various banks.
2. Return cheques of presentation Vs. Return Cheques of Inward

These two reports are bifurcated region wise by VSOFT and loaded in e-desk for downloading.

Every day, the Nodal offices will download four reports:-

     1.  Presented Items reports (This will contain all cheques presented in that particular region)
     2.    Inward Items Report (This will contain all cheques that has to be cleared in that particular region)
     3.    Outward Returns Report (Returns of Inward clearing Cheques)
     4.    Inward Returns report (Returns of Outward clearing Cheques)

It will be viewed, checked and printed out at this office through e-desk software by all nodal offices.

The particulars of OHO Received & OHO Payments are sent to this Nodal Office through e-mail daily by Chennai GPO. The nodal offices should account the realized cheques only after verifying the OHO Receipts and Payments amount sent by Chennai GPO.

In this regard, the below mentioned accounting procedure may be followed to tally the mentioned inward and outward cheques are detailed below for your kind reference and account properly in future so as to tally the R.A to Accounts Branch.

INWARD CHEQUE IMAGES (POSB cheques received for clearance at morning)

Accounting at Nodal Office

Receipt Side
Payment Side
Received from Chennai GPO
·         SB Withdrawal   ( If all images realized)  - HO
·         Remitted to other HOs under Nodal offices.

Accounting at HO (under Nodal offices)

Receipt Side
Payment Side
OHO Received from Nodal HO
·         SB Withdrawal   ( If all images realized)  - Accounts held at Nodal office
·         Sent to SO (SO under Nodal offices)

Suppose if any images returned due to insufficient fund or some other reasons to this office

Receipt Side
Payment Side
OHO Received from Nodal Office
OHO sent to Nodal office

For example
If 10 images (each for Rs 10000 )sent to any one H.O for clearance ,out of it  only 8 images are realized for Rs 80000       and two images are returned due to insufficient fund to this office , then account the same as below    at that H.O.

Receipt Side
Payment Side
OHO Received from Nodal H.O = 10-images for Rs 100000
SB WITHDRAWAL       = 8  Rs-80000

OHO Sent to Nodal      = H.O= 2 - Rs 20000


(Only after getting the passed cheque list along with passed cheques sent this office, the realized cheques may be accounted at your office as noted below. But some of the H .Os account the OHO SENT on the same day itself while sending the cheques to this office for realization. It is not the correct procedure because any one of the cheque either returned by Chennai GPO due to insufficient fund/ some other reasons or the amount of cheque may be wrongly encoded by VSOFT due to illegible written the cheque amount in figure by the drawing officer. Such cheques will be returned by VSOFT in the Inward return report.

Receipt Side
Payment Side
SB DEPOSITS  ( If all realized)

Suppose if any cheque returned by VSOFT  in CTS Clearing due to some other reasons through inward return report sent by Chennai GPO to this office on the next day of scanning, the said cheques will be returned to the concerned H.Os along with inward return report after accounting the realized cheques at this office. Please account the returned cheques as mentioned below.

Receipt Side
Payment Side
OHO Received  from Nodal HO
OHO Sent to Nodal HO

The scanned cheques are accounted on the third day morning i.e after confirming the Inward return report (second day) and tallying the OHO Receipts/Payments with Chennai GPO. 

Nodal offices under Southern Grid of Chennai GPO

1.    Bengalore
14. Hubli
2.    Hyderabad
15. Kolkata
3.    Trivandrum
16. Ernakulam
4.    Coimbatore
17. Kozhikode
5.    Madurai
18. Trissur
6.    Pondicherry
19. Vizag
7.    Trichy
20. Bhuvaneshwar
8.    Tirunelveli
21. Vijayavada
9.    Erode
22. Cuttack
10. Salem
23. Nizamabad
11. Mysore
24. Tirupathi
12. Mangalroe
25. Kurnool
13. Belgham

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