US Postal Service seeks ideas for future Post Office

Now Postal system all over the world is passing through a critical stage due to the advancement in telecommunication sector.  Some countries have already changed their business strategy and found a place in another type of business.  Some other countries like India are in the process of transforming the face of traditional postal system.

The case is not different in US Post also.  Now USPOST has sought suggestions from general public about their expectations from Postal service in future as part of new project “Post Office of the Future”

Following are the wordings from the website of US Postal authorities on this subject.
Technology has changed the way we conduct business and socialize. We are constantly seeking comfort, speed, and quality service and many of our basic needs can be met from the comfort of our homes. For example:

•  Our parents paid their bills by mail; we pay our bills online.
•  Our parents shopped in stores; we order online and get the goods delivered.
•  Our parents mailed letters to friends; we stay connected via social media.
•  Our parents mailed in suggestions; we post comments to blogs.

The Postal Service has a vast network of post offices in most communities across the country. It also has a website and smartphone apps to engage online users. So, how can the Postal Service combine its existing or new technology and its vast infrastructure to provide services that will improve your quality of life? Some suggested ideas are providing a state sponsored email inbox, digital stamps, using local post offices to offer convenient government services, and even banking services for underserved communities. We would love to hear your suggestions, too.

What do you think your Post Office will be like in the future?

What products and services would you like the Postal Service to offer in the future?

How can the Postal Service use local post offices to better serve local needs in an economically viable way?
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  1. Due to pressure from Congress the Postal Service has delayed the changes until the middle of May. To get the service through private forwarder, it is necessary to obtain form 1583.