IPPB Released Call Letters for Scale II, III and V Recruitment Exam 2016

India Post Payments Bank Ltd (IPPB) has released the Call Letters for IPPB Scale II, III and V Recruitment Online Exam 2016. The online examination for the above mentioned posts is scheduled to be held on 17th December 2016. Check below for more details.

Call Letters : Click Here

Information Handbook : Click Here

Important Dates

Commencement of Call letter Download : 01-12-2016

Closure of Call letter Download : 17-12-2016


This handout contains details pertaining to various aspects of the online exam you are going to undertake and important instructions about related matters. You are advised to study the handout carefully as it will help you in preparing for the examination.
The on-line examination will comprise the following objective type multiple choice tests as stated below :

No. of



English Language
General Financial Awareness with special reference to banking
Quantitative Aptitude
Composite time of
120 minutes


The time for the test is 120 minutes; however you may have to be at the venue for approximately

180 minutes including the time required for logging in, collection of the call letters, going through the instructions etc. All tests except test of English Language will be provided in English and Hindi. You can attempt any questions at any time within the given 120 minutes.  All the questions will have multiple choices. Out of the five answers to a question only one will be the correct answer. You have to select the most appropriate answer and ‘mouse click’ that alternative which you feel is appropriate/ correct. The alternative/ option that you have clicked on will be treated as your answer to that question. There will be penalty for wrong answers marked by you.  For every wrong answer marked by you, 1/4th of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted as penalty.

Candidates will have to pass in each of the objective tests. Minimum passing marks in each test will be decided by IPPB based on preference of computing candidates.
The Scores of Online Examination will be obtained by adopting the following procedure :
(i)      Number of questions answered correctly by a candidate in each objective test is considered for arriving at the Corrected Score after applying penalty for wrong answers.
(ii)     The Corrected Scores so obtained by a candidate are made equivalent to take care of the minor difference in difficulty level, if any, in each of the objective tests held in different sessions to arrive at the Equated Scores* (Only if exam is conducted in more than one session).
*Scores obtained by candidates on any test are equated to the base form by considering the distribution of scores of all the forms.
(iii)    Testwise scores and scores on total is reported with decimal points upto two digits.
Please note that the types of questions in this handout are only illustrative and not exhaustive. In the actual examination you will find questions of a higher difficulty level on some or all of these types and also questions on the types not mentioned here.

Some sample questions are given below.


This is a test to see how well you can think.  It contains questions of various kinds. Here are some sample questions.

Q.1. If the letters in the word TOPS can be rearranged to form a meaningful word beginning with O, the last letter of that word is your answer. If more than one such word can be formed, M is the answer and if no such word can be formed, X is the answer.
     (1) T        (2) P        (3) M        (4) S        (5) X

Q.2. Some leaders are dishonest.  Satyapriya is a leader.  Which of the following inferences definitely follows from these two statements ?
(1)  Satyapriya is honest
(2)  Satyapriya is dishonest
(3)  Some leaders are honest
(5)  Satyapriya is sometimes dishonest
(4)  Leaders are generally dishonest

Q.3. If the letters of the following alphabet intercharge positions, so that A takes the place of Z and Z takes the place of A; B takes the place of Y and Y takes the place of B and so on, what will be the 13th letter from the right ?
A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z (1)  M (2)  N (3)  O (4)  L (5)  Other than those given as options

Q.4. In a row of girls, if Seeta who is 10th from the left and Lina who is 9th from the right interchange their seats, Seeta becomes 15th from the left.  How many girls are there in the row ?
     (1)  16    (2)  18   (3)  19    (4)  22 (5)  Other than those given as options

Q.5-7. Read the information given below and answer the questions.
Six plays A, B, C, D, E and F of a famous playwright are to be staged one on each day from Monday to Saturday. The schedule of the plays is to be in accordance with the following.
(1)   A must be on the immediately previous day of the on which E is staged.
(2)   C must not be staged on Tuesday.
(3)   B must be on a day which immediately follows the day on which F is staged.
(4)   D must be staged on Friday only and should not be immediately preceded by B.
(5)   E must not be staged on the last day of the schedule.

Q.5. Which of the following is the schedule of plays, with the order of their staging from Monday ?
   (1)  E A B F D C      (2)  A F B E D C              (3)  A F B C D E
   (4)  F A B E D C (5)  Other than those given as options

Q.6. Play C cannot definitely be staged on which of the following days in addition to Tuesday ?
    (1)  Monday (2)  Wednesday (3)  Thursday

Q.7. Play D is between which of the following pairs of plays ?
(4)  Friday
(5)  Saturday
    (1)  C and E  (2)  E and F  (3)  A and E
(4)  B and E
(5)  C and F


This is a test to see how well you know English.  Your English language ability would be tested through questions on grammar & vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, sentence completion, comprehension of a passage etc.
Directions : Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there
        is no error, the answer is ‘No error’. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any).
Q.1. The regaining of freedom / as we well know has given rise for / many dormant issues /
                 (1)                                                   (2)                                      (3)

and conflicts in our society.
No error.
Directions : Pick out from the words given below each sentence the word which would complete the sen tence correctly and meaningfully.

Q.2. He wants me to look ____ his garden during his absence.
     (1)   at         (2)   over            (3)   after    (4)   into     (5)   from

Q.3-6.       In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.
The true (3) of rights is duty. If we all (4) our duties, rights will not be (5) to seek. If leaving duties unperformed we run (6) rights, they will escape us like an elusive person. The more we pursue them, the farther off they fly.
Q.3. (1)   end      (2)   source     (3)   joy        (4)   purpose  (5)   power
Q.4. (1)   deny    (2)   devote   (3)   discharge (4)   imagine   (5)   fulfill
Q.5.  (1)   far     (2)   close  (3)   easy   (4)   against       (5)   common 

Q.6.      (1)   as     (2)   after   (3)   at      (4)   from   (5)   for


This test is designed to measure your awareness about the past and present events, socio economic developments as well as awareness about developments in the Banking Industry etc.
Q.1. Which of the following financial institutions has introduced the ‘Know Your Customer’ guidelines for Banks  ?
     (1) IDBI  (2) RBI   (3) NABARD  4) SIDBI (5) Other than those given as options
Q.2. Which of the following sectors contributes the maximum in deciding the growth in income of the states in India ?
     (1) Energy   (2) Tourism  (3) Service  (4) Transport (5) Agriculture
Q.3. Headquarters of which of the following nationalised Banks is not situated in Maharashtra state ?
    (1)  Dena Bank    (2)  Central Bank of India   (3)   Bank of India
  (4)  Union Bank of India (5)  United Bank of India

Q.4. Who among the following is the current Prime Minister of India ?
(1)  Dr. A. P. J. Abdul  Kalam (2)  Dr. Manmohan Singh (3)  Mr Pranab Mukherjee
  (4)  Shri Narendra Modi (5)  Other than those given as options


This is a test designed to see how fast and accurately you can deal with numbers viz. computation, quantitative reasoning, interpretation of data etc.
Q.1. Sohanlal purchased 120 reams of paper at Rs.100 per ream. The expenditure on transport was Rs.480. He had to pay an octroi duty of 50 paise per ream and the coolie charges were Rs.60.
What should be the selling price of each ream if he wants a profit of 20% ?
    (1)   Rs.126 (2)   Rs.115.50 (3)   Rs.105                        (4)   Rs. 120      (5)   Other than those given as options
Q.2. The interest on a certain deposit at 9% per annum is Rs.405 in one year. How much will be the additional interest in one year on the same deposit at 10% per annum ?
(1)   Rs. 40.50 (2)   Rs. 450 (3)   Rs. 855 (4)   Rs.45 (5)   Other than those given as options Also, there may be some questions based on graphs and tables.

Q.3-5. Directions : Given below is a table showing percentages out of a total of 700 employees ranking six attributes that help promotion. Rank I is the highest. Study the table carefully and answer questions that follow :

You are advised to bring with you the following:
(i) Call letter with photo affixed thereon and photo ID card in Original and photocopy as mentioned in point 6. (Please note that name on the Photo ID MUST be exactly same as printed on the call letter.) (ii) One Ball point pen


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