As a result of IT Modernisation Project, rapid changes are happening in India Post.  Main intention of this blog is to create awareness among the staffs as well as general public about the new changes in India Post. This blog will publish the information required for the Employees of India Post to perform their daily duties, software updates and other tools which helps in routine work.

This blog will stand different among hundreds of blogs from postal family by sharing different thoughts and showing different approaches. The Publisher of this blog has an intention to develop a good forum through this blog for discussing the opportunities and weaknesses of giant institution like India Post.  Other subjects can also be discussed in this forum.  The intention of every thoughts and discussion should be in such a way that it should empower the India Post in all respect.

No one can enter into this blog without thinking the concept of Post Bank of India, the ever time dream of India Post.  Even though Post Bank of India is not realised in near future, the concept will not vanish from the mind of each and every Indians.  This blog will speak the language of transition from Department of Post to India Post. The transition occurs in every corner of Department of Post and each one of us has a role in this process.  So we are trying to perform our part through this blog.
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